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Joe Andoe (born, 1955 in Tulsa, Oklahoma) is an American artist best known for his use of monochromatic canvases to depict scenes of landscapes and solitary objects. After enrolling in an elective art history class at a community college, Andoe decided to shift his focus from agricultural business to that of painting. He would go on to receive an MA in fine art from the University of Oklahoma in 1981.Within his body of work, Andoe integrates themes of memory and its relation to open space, a concept derived from Andoe’s rural upbringing. These ideas are present throughout many of Andoe’s paintings, wherein the artist infuses people, animals and elements of the American Midwest.

Andoe’s work has been held in numerous exhibitions, with his work being the subject of many solo exhibitions within museums and galleries across the United States, including Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Texas; David Floria Gallery, Colorado; Earl McGrath Gallery, Los Angeles; Blum Helman Gallery, New York; and SOMA Gallery, La Jolla. Andoe lives in New York City. 

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